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April 21, 2021

Warmer weather calls for cool treats. Opening this month in South End is Morelia Gourmet Paletas, offering 16 mouthwatering flavors of Mexican paletas, or popsicles.

Larger than traditional popsicles, the handmade treats blend ingredients such as Italian gelato, French sorbet and fresh fruit, from pineapple to mango to passionfruit. Also called Paletas Morelia, the shop’s array of frozen flavors includes coconut, Sicilian pistachio, Belgian chocolate, dulce de leche and more. Dip your paleta in white or dark chocolate, crunchy hazelnut, cookie butter or torched marshmallow (!) and personalize your pop with a variety of toppings.

To celebrate the opening, on Friday, April 30 and Saturday, May 1, the new popsicle shop will give away 1,000 paletas. Dipping and toppings will be extra.

The original Paletas Morelia opened in Miami in 2016 — the Charlotte store is its first U.S. expansion beyond the Sunshine State.

Morelia Gourmet Paletas, 1425 Winnifred St., #104, paletasmorelia.com

Photos courtesy Morelia Gourmet Paletas

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