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December 8, 2023

Babe & Butcher

Babe & Butcher caps off a big year with an expansion to Park Road Shopping Center.

by Michelle Boudin | photographs courtesy Babe & Butcher by Corrie Huggins

The babe and the butcher are having a very big year. The couple behind their eponymous brand celebrated four years since launching their wildly successful charcuterie catering company. They just debuted a second, larger storefront in their dream location in Park Road Shopping Center (the first shop opened in Camp North End in 2021). Oh, and they also finally got married after five years of dating and recently learned they are expecting their first child.

“We drive each other insane — we are complete opposites,” says Lindsay Anvik (the babe), who oversees product development and marketing. Her husband Rob Hendricks (the butcher), focuses on operations. “But there’s no one I’d rather fight in a walk-in with,” Anvik says, referring to the massive walk-in refrigerator at their new shop. “We were both so excited to get married, we were shaking with excitement at the altar.”

Anvik was nearly as excited after getting some unexpected news during a chance phone call. Anvik had long had her eye on the busy Park Road shopping mecca, but their real-estate agent wasn’t very optimistic.

Rob Hendricks and Lindsay Anvik, shown left in their new Park Road store, started Babe & Butcher in 2019.

“They said there’s no way we’ll ever get in, so we were looking all over the place. And then I thought, why don’t I just try — I’m gonna roll the dice and call and just see if I can get on a waiting list. It turns out they were looking for a food spot, and they knew our brand.” A spot near Michael’s had opened up after Southern Pressed Juicery closed in February.

The newest Babe & Butcher shop just opened, featuring even more choices of cheese, accoutrements and wine than at the Camp North End location. Like the original store, there’s a display case for customers to build their own boards. And of course, a huge walk-in fridge that will allow them to do even more catering.

Anvik had her eye on the new address to ease delivery to clients in south Charlotte and because the shopping center is such a popular hub.

“My dream was to be here, because I feel like you can do everything here. You can go to the movies, drop off a package, get your nails done, go for a drink — and now you can get cheese from us. We were growing out of our kitchen in Camp North End, so the added space means we can do much more for the holidays.”

Last holiday season, Babe & Butcher had to stop taking orders because their kitchen space was limited. The business has come a long way from the days when a busy Saturday meant they had 10 cheese boards to deliver. Now that number is closer to 70 on a typical weekend, and their staff of 13 is expected to double now that the new store is open.

Clearly, the charcuterie trend that took off just a few years ago isn’t slowing down.

“I think people have shifted in terms of the way they think about food in general. There’s a lot more interest in elevated fast casual, and people don’t feel like they have to eat at dinner with linen napkins,” Anvik says. “They’re throwing out the rules and embracing charcuterie more. You can have a charcuterie board for dinner and enjoy it.”

Make-your-own charcuterie boxes for one to three people are $24.95; boards (veggie, brunch, dessert, charcuterie and others) are $75 and up. Bestsellers include the full-size charcuterie board ($170), which comes with a custom wood cutting board and feeds 10-15 people. The Flora board ($190), a playful offering filled with edible flowers and flower-laced cheeses, crackers and macarons, is a close second.

Still, the couple is constantly coming up with fresh ideas. “Customers always want something new, so we’re always bringing in new themes and ideas and new cheeses and recipes to the boards, especially for the holidays.” This year, Babe & Butcher will offer plenty of holiday-focused boards and boxes, along with elf- and Santa-shaped boxes filled with sweets.

Now that they’re finally settled in at Park Road, Anvik has her eye on Charleston for the next Babe & Butcher storefront. “I would love to cross the border. Charleston is such a great food city!”

Until then, Anvik is enjoying the new shop — including the signature “cheese” mural loyal customers have come to look for. Anvik, who worked in marketing before becoming the babe, polled social media followers to decide on the fun saying splashed against the wall. The winner? “Don’t worry, brie happy.”


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