10 of the coolest adult art classes to take in Charlotte, from glass blowing to woodworking


November 2, 2018

Whether you want to hone your creative side individually or simply have the bug to do something casual and crafts-orientated with friends for your next get-together, there are plenty of opportunities in the Charlotte area that can offer you a creative outlet.

Perfect for a date night, baby shower, team-building event, bachelorette party or even a 5-day all-inclusive retreat, these Charlotte studios will help inspire the inner artist in everyone.

Below are 10 studios in the greater Charlotte area that will feed your creativity:

Anders Ruff Workshop                                                                                                                                                         

117 Middleton Dr. and 322 Main St, Pineville, N.C.

Anders Ruff offers public workshops, private events, youth workshops and parties where clients can create signs, trays, boxes, frames and specialty projects. You can pick your design ahead of time on their website and register to come by with a group of friends or by yourself.

Anders Ruff provides materials and instruction for all skill levels, and guests are welcome to customize projects with their choice of stains, colors and techniques.

Prices: Most adult projects range from $40-$70 and most children’s projects range from $40-$45.

Read more about how the Pineville-based Anders Ruff grew into a nationwide phenomenon.

Beads Inc.

339 Circle Ave.


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Beads Inc. offers complimentary classes because they do not think that you should be charged for learning a new skill. Classes are a great way to advance their existing customers’ skills and gain new customers. They want to help guests create jewelry masterpieces. They specialize in bead stringing and are available to help customers who are stuck on a project, or want personal instruction on a certain project or skill.

They offer an Open Basics 101 course that you can sign up for through their website. It covers the basic techniques like crimping and wire-wrapping that are key to making beaded jewelry. Beads Inc. is also available to host private parties in the evenings Monday through Friday.

The staff will help the group put together their pieces and each party can be customized to fit the group whether it is a work party or a neighborhood dinner club. These private parties can be anywhere from 4 to 20 people. If the group is four to seven people, the party can also be held during regular business hours.

Prices: Classes and private instruction are both complimentary, but private parties start at $18 a person plus the cost of beads and stringing materials.

Charlotte Sewing Center

5113 South Blvd

As their name indicates, Charlotte Sewing Center offers sewing classes including beginner sewing classes, mastery classes and classes focusing on embroidering and quilting, where customers can learn the latest sewing techniques and styles.

Prices: vary (Free – $150)

Crowned Sparrow Co.

This is a pop-up, so locations vary


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These workshops offering miscellaneous classes—including wall weaving, nail and string art, doormats and embroidery—pop up at many popular Charlotte spots like breweries. You can check their schedule to sign up for a class or you can book a private event. Because they are a mobile business, they can come to you or they can also help you set up an event at one the breweries they have a relationship with, depending on brewery availability.

Prices: Prices generally start at $20 per project and there is a $225 minimum for private parties.

Donna Downey Studios

109 Saddletree Rd, Lincolnton, NC

Donna Downey Studios offers countless painting classes including classes focused on oil painting, abstract florals, expressive flowers, mixed media, portrait and distressed flowers.

The studio offers online workshops as well as studio workshops and there are even 5-day all-inclusive retreats as well as shorter retreats available for those who want to get away for some rest, relaxation and art.

Prices: Online Workshops start at $35 and Studio Workshops start at $175. The five-day all-inclusive retreats usually start at $1,800.

Hot Glass Alley

438 Atando Ave.


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At Hot Glass Alley, guests can experiment with glass blowing. The third weekend of each month, visitors have the opportunity to realize the unique process of creating a one-of-a-kind glass art piece like a pumpkin, ornament, paperweight, or drinking cup.
Additionally, Hot Glass Alley offers individual and group lessons over the course of eight weeks. Through this process, the new glass blowers will create multiple hand-blown glass pieces.

Prices: Experience prices vary month to month. Eight-week group lessons are $650 per person. Private lessons are $325 for three hours of instruction.

The Light Factory

1817 Central Ave.

The Light Factory offers photography classes like Lightroom 101, Black and White Darkroom, Intermediate Digital Photography: Beyond the Basics, Intro to Digital Photography: See Like a Photographer and Workshops like Smartphone Photography and Imagery Encaustics.

With these classes, they hope to develop a vibrant, engaged photographic community in the Charlotte area by offering the opportunity to further create, understand and appreciate photography.

Prices: $220 – $325 for classes and for workshops $65 – $235.

Pottery Central

4843 Central Ave.


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Pottery Central has provided Charlotte with pottery instruction for two decades in their professional studio with a relaxed atmosphere. They offer 24-hour access along with over 20 stoneware glazes. Pottery Central also offers Open Workshops every Sunday from 1:30 – 3:30 pm.

Private Workshops, semi-private, parties and team building workshops can also be set up at Pottery Central. These are approximately two hours and can be provided for up to 18 people using the potter’s wheel or larger groups if split for hand building.

Prices: It is $25 for an Open Workshop with everything included. Classes are $200 for an 8-week course. Private Workshops are $80 for an individual workshop, $40 per person for two to five people, $35 per person for six to 10 people and $30 per person for 11 or more people.


This is a pop-up, so locations vary

SkillPop offers a wide variety of art classes including hand lettering, cross stitch, ceramics, floral design, photography, watercolor painting and so much more. My sister made signs for my wedding from what she had learned at one of the hand lettering classes. I even have one of her signs hanging in my kitchen now.

SkillPop also offers many classes that are not art-centered, like meditation basics, cocktail making, marketing for small businesses and more.

Prices: Prices vary, but classes typically start around $25.

Nailed It D.I.Y. Studio

985 Market St. Ste. 103, Fort Mill, SC


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They provide workshops on wooden signs and other wooden crafts. Customers are welcome to walk in during open studio hours if that works with your schedule. They have Open Studio hours during the day and in the evening.

You can also reserve a private party ahead of time for a party of eight or more. Youth parties and Youth camp are also offered at Nailed It.

Prices: Project prices start at $32. There is also a $25 party administrative fee for private parties.

The story originally appeared on CharlotteFive.com.

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