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July 1, 2020

Campbell + Charlotte’s fine-jewelry designs range from whimsical to classic.

by Cathy Martin

Jenny McHugh loved art as a kid, taking classes for about 10 years. But as she grew older, her creative tendencies took a backseat to other interests, including competitive gymnastics.

Thanks in part to the urging of her mom, McHugh began tapping into her artistic side again as an adult. 

In April, McHugh launched Campbell + Charlotte, a fine-jewelry business with the tagline, “Serious jewels for those who don’t take themselves too seriously.” Designs range from playful to bold to updated classics.

“It was really born out of a love for fine jewelry and the tenacity of figuring out how to do it,” says McHugh, who grew up near Washington, D.C., and moved to Charlotte about seven years ago. 

Jenny McHugh

McHugh started Button Box Design, a handmade beaded-jewelry business, a decade ago while in business school at University of Virginia. “I remember my mom wanted me to do something that would take me back to my creative roots.”

Wanting to segue into fine jewelry, McHugh used her networking skills learned in the business world to identify potential industry partners. 

After a year of research and experimentation, she teamed with a producer in New York to make her line, which is named after her 2-year-old daughter and her adopted hometown.

Campbell + Charlotte launched with four distinct collections, all designed by McHugh. The Evolve collection is based on a concentric circle theme “that represents how you’re constantly changing to become your best self,” McHugh says. The Found collection’s bold, contemporary designs incorporate semi-precious gemstones such as tourmaline, amethyst and moonstone. “When I actually started giving myself permission to start a jewelry business, this is the one that [first] jumped out of me,” she says.
Crew is McHugh’s take on classic, everyday pieces such as dome stud earrings and a gold bangle bracelet accented with diamonds. JuJu offers the brand’s most whimsical pieces — flowers, rainbows, shooting stars, and hearts adorned with sapphires and rubies. “We say it’s happy, magical and sparkly,” McHugh says. SP

Campbell + Charlotte is available at Follow C+C on Instagram @campbellandcharlotte.

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