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August 8, 2022

Senior Services of Charlotte

Easing the stress of moving for seniors

For many seniors and their families, moving can feel like an insurmountable task. From deciding what items to keep to getting a home ready to sell to moving to a new place,  there’s an overwhelming list of to-do’s. 

But for Lynda Stiles and her caring, professional team at Senior Services of Charlotte, helping seniors with their move – every step of the way – is what they love to do. “Our goal for each client is to make it as easy as possible,” she says. “We truly can do everything for them, so they don’t have to worry about the details. We provide solutions for most any problem a client has, and we do it with compassion and love.” 

It’s a job that comes naturally to Stiles, a former sales and marketing executive who started a senior services program at Allen Tate Co. nine years ago. Discovering a passion for working with seniors and recognizing the need, she formed her own full-service company in 2016, dedicated to helping seniors make successful and easy transitions to retirement communities or smaller homes. 

Senior Services of Charlotte

Now with a team of 15 women and two men, Senior Services connects clients with real estate agents, prepares homes for sale, donates or sells any unwanted items, and cleans out cluttered spaces like attics and garages. When time for the move, the team will pack a senior’s home, unpack them at their new location and even help with hanging pictures or decorating.  

“It really is a team effort,” Stiles says. “And it’s one we take joy in being a part of.”  

If you or a loved one is planning a move to a retirement community, find out how Senior Services can help you. Contact us at or call 704.905.4155. 

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