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March 30, 2020

Tim Miner and Matt Olin are the founders and executive directors of Charlotte is Creative — programs include the local chapter of CreativeMornings, a monthly breakfast series; the Queen City Quiz Show, a live game show about Charlotte trivia, history and current events; and The Biscuit, a media channel featuring news and videos highlighting the local creative community. 

The duo met in college at UNC Chapel Hill — Miner was an English major, while Olin double-majored in English and film. “Although, we spent all of our time in the theater department — directing, managing and promoting student-run shows — so all of our classmates thought we were theater majors,” Olin says. 

Miner moved to Charlotte when he was in high school; Olin was born in upstate New York, but his family moved to the Queen City when he was young. “Charlotte has always been ‘home’ for me.”

Comments are edited for length and clarity. 

Favorite thing filmed in Charlotte: 

For a really long time, this was an easy answer — The Hunger Games. But, it changed earlier this year when Netflix dropped Fortune Feimster’s new stand-up comedy special, Sweet & Salty, which was recorded at Spirit Square. Laughing every day is a must, and Fortune is funny and endearing. And — bonus — she grew up in Belmont. 

Favorite fact about Charlotte that nobody seems to know: 

A frequent question at Queen City Quiz Show is “What did Charlottean Charles Duke do?” It’s ALWAYS answered wrong. He walked on the moon! Only 12 people have walked on the moon … and one of them was born in the Queen City. 

Favorite place to hunker down during a zombie apocalypse: 

We gotta say Blackhawk Hardware, and not just because they let us host a CreativeMornings event in their basement recently. We can fashion zombie-killing weapons out of garden tools. We can refuel on their fresh popcorn, Dunx coffee and “dog beer.” And in our downtime, we can wander the aisles fantasizing about redecorating our homes (should we survive). Do we choose the “Aisle of Death” or the “Aisle of Life”?

Favorite Charlottean who makes us feel stupid: 

Hands down, historian Tom Hanchett. Tom is the former staff historian at Levine Museum of the New South. He “retired,” but he never stops — writing books on Charlotte history, leading tours, playing live music, attending festivals and always posting on the best international places to eat in Charlotte. When he talks, you’re drawn in to listen. You leave feeling happy, smarter and challenged. No one loves Charlotte like Tom does. And, after 60 seconds with him, you’re head over heels for the Queen City, too.

Least favorite Charlotte invention: 

Like Charlie Duke, so many things were born right here in the Charlotte region — the peanut-butter cracker, the PSL, Cheerwine. We love them all. One we’re not so fond of? The orange traffic barrel. Yep, it was patented by Radiator Specialty Company as the “Traffic Control Drum” in 1985. We love ingenuity, but we see these guys a little too often on the drive home.  

Favorite place to host a live event: 

Through our work producing events each month, we’ve had the privilege of gathering together with the community in tons of cool, beautiful, unique and unexpected places all over the city — from Boxman Studios, to the stage of Ovens Auditorium, to Ten Park Lanes and Temple Beth El. But the most special spot has to be the extraordinary Biddle Memorial Hall on the campus of Johnson C. Smith University. The wood is carved, the stained glass is gorgeous and the history is palpable.  SP

Compiled by Whitley Adkins Hamlin. Know of a Charlotte tastemaker or person of interest we should feature here? Email whitley@thequeencitystyle.com

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