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March 18, 2022

Sometimes a piece of clothing is more than a T-shirt. More than just a hat.  It’s something that you saved because it sparks a significant memory of a special time, place or person.

Theatre Charlotte’s next production, Loss, Loss and What I Wore, chronicles the connection we have to clothing as it relates to our story. Yes, it’s just a jacket, but…

The show, a collection of stories written by Nora and Delia Ephron, combines the talents of seven actresses and seven artists who created works to represent pieces of clothing mentioned throughout the play.

Members of the Theatre Charlotte production shared some of their own clothing stories with SouthPark:

Allison Modafferi Brewster, Director – Lavender Faux Suede Pants. “Twenty years ago, at the Cannes Film Festival, I saw them in a store front and I had two thoughts: 1. When am I ever going to wear lavender faux suede pants? and 2. I have to have them!” 

Becca Worthington, Cast – Stetson hat “Although I was born in the South, I lived in New York City for years before moving to Charlotte, and every year I went with my friend Mike to the most Southern event on the planet: the Professional Bull Riding Championship at Madison Square Gardens. It was the only day of the year in NYC where I got to be surrounded by belt buckles and cowboy boots, and I loved every second of it. Mike gave me this Stetson as a going-away gift when I let him know I was moving back South to be a librarian.”

Jina Barragan, Cast – Vintage sweater. “It was a hand-me-down that I saved from being donated to a thrift store. I wore it with super baggy pants and shell toe Adidas with fat green laces. I strolled into school that day and was approached by Seventeen magazine about an article they were working on about what high schoolers thought was ‘cool.’ I rolled my eyes and had them play The Smiths. I didn’t think twice about it until the issue came out. I actually got a full page. Still the coolest sweater I’ve ever owned.”

Angela Lubinecky, Artist – A versatile textile. “This one is my Kikoy from Kenya where I was raised. A Kikoy has lots of purposes. It is just a cotton cloth that can be worn as wrap, a scarf or can serve as a table cloth. It can also be knotted to carry a baby, which is often done in Kenya.”

Unique Patton, Artist – A blazer. “It was given to me by my first boss at my first job. When traveling to another state via plane for the first time, I wore it and when first presenting my artwork to congresswoman Alma Adams, I wore it Needless to say, this blazer holds many memories and I love that it compliments my unique personality..”

Love, Loss and What I Wore runs March 24-April 10 at four venues across the city. Tickets start at $14.

Cast list:

Becca Worthington
Noël McCall
Iris DeWitt
Lauren Duckworth
Brittany Arroyo
Jina Barragan
Catie Dale

Artist list:

Pam Singh @pamsinghstudio
Amber King Bounds @littlekingart
Brooke Werhane Maples @brookemaples 
Angela Lubinecky @lolangi_art
Unique Patton
Meredith Green
UNCC Collective (faculty and students)

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