Personal shopper: The allure of I.C. London

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September 29, 2022

I.C. London's lingerie hanging on display for shoppers.

In the era of online shopping, I.C. London is an anomaly — a completely in-person retail experience, now celebrating 30 years. 

by Allison Futterman  |  photographs by Amy Kolo

Getting fitted for a bra is a very personal and hands-on (yes, literally) experience. But considering that as many as 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, getting properly fitted can have a big impact on a woman’s life. Someone who knows this better than most is Shelly Domenech, owner of I.C. London Lingerie located at The Village at SouthPark. This October marks the store’s 30th year in business.

After she took over her parents’ lingerie store in Hendersonville, Domenech moved the business to Charlotte in 1992 and renamed it I.C. London, a nod to a children’s rhyme. After years in Dilworth and Ballantyne, she moved the store to SouthPark in 2013. Since relocating to the 1,263-square-foot space, I.C. London has continued to serve its loyal longtime clientele while gaining new customers. With band sizes ranging from 28 to 54 and cup sizes from A to P, the store draws customers from well beyond the Charlotte area. Many of Domenech’s patrons are searching for larger sizes that are difficult, if not impossible, to find elsewhere. 

When you step into I.C. London, you won’t be shown a catalog or a website to browse. Instead, you’ll find drawers brimming with well-crafted bras in different colors and styles. And while I.C. London does offer some pricier options, the boutique also sells a surprising number of bras that cost no more than a typical upscale department store. While I.C. London is known for its bra selection, the store also sells beautiful lingerie, functional shapewear and foundation garments, and comfy sleepwear. Each month, Domenech offers various promotions so that the store is accessible to as many women as possible. 

In an age of online shopping, I.C. London is an anomaly — a completely in-person retail experience. As a service-driven business, Domenech has connected with women at many different phases of their lives. Sometimes it’s someone newly pregnant, or a teenager getting their first bra. It may be a woman who has gone through a divorce and is now doing something just for herself.  

Some of her most memorable clients have been women who have lost weight and are feeling better about themselves, but they’re left with a lot of loose skin. When they are fitted with the right bra, their body instantly reflects the progress they’ve made, Domenech says. They feel more confident and comfortable in their body and their clothes.

“Your bra fitter is there and is listening and wants you to feel better about yourself,” Domenech says. “It’s a special thing, and I don’t take that lightly.”  SP


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