From law school sweethearts to business partners: Wofford Law

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July 2, 2020

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Wofford Law, a family owned business now located on Park Rd., took the opportunity to move closer to home. Despite uncertainty, husband and wife Hunt and Rebecca Wofford chose to look on the bright side of a difficult time: It gave them time to move their practice from Dilworth to South Park. It also allowed them to be grateful for simple pleasures such as walking to work. 

“We’re really excited about our location because now we work where we live,” Rebecca says.  “It is a matter of pride for us to bring our business to our neighborhood.” 

Wofford Law got its start in 2017, but the pair have been passionate about family law since they met at Wake Forest University School of Law in the mid-90s. Although their law practices have not taken a direct route, they have always felt called to help families and children, Rebecca says. Although the business is relatively new, their experience, with a combined 24 years of family law practice, is not. 

What is most unique about Wofford Law may be their team approach. The couple focuses on different aspects of family law which allows their firm to be a one-stop shop for those in need of family law services. Although Hunt focuses primarily on litigation work while Rebecca enjoys collaborative law and appellate work, they help each other with their workload. Hunt says, “clients enjoy and value their team approach.” They are advocates for their clients; but they also serve as neutrals in the court system — Hunt is a certified family law financial mediator and Rebecca is a court-appointed parenting coordinator. 

When they’re not working, they’re spending time with their two high-school-aged children, participating in local theatre, vacationing in South Carolina, where Hunt grew up, and supporting The Lunch Project, a nonprofit Rebecca founded in Charlotte. 

“We love our Charlotte community,” Rebecca says. “We have established roots here. We’re raising kids here and we enjoy working here. We want to continue to help our community thrive.”

4601 Park Road, Suite 540 

Charlotte NC 28209

 704- 626-6672

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