Who let the dogs out?: Central Bark

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July 2, 2020

Central Bark knows that people are not the only ones who have been cooped up during the pandemic. The 17-year-old national franchise is coming to Charlotte in August for dog lovers who want their pups to have a place to go while they’re working long days or out of town. 

The local franchise location will be run by Jennifer Adams, who formerly worked in the banking industry but decided three years ago she needed a change. Jennifer and her husband both worked long days and hated leaving their dog Annabelle, an American Boxer. They found a doggy daycare they began taking her to, and immediately saw a change in their pup.

“Just seeing how happy daycare made her was heartwarming,” Adams says. “I don’t have children; my dog is my child, so I wanted to give this to her all the time, and I wanted to give this to other folks, too.”

She chose to work with Central Bark because of their commitment to their Whole Dog Care philosophy, developed to enrich each dog’s whole health and well-being throughout their entire life.

The heart of their Whole Dog Care approach is Enrichment Day Care, which includes individualized attention, group play and a personalized approach to fit the dog’s unique personality – all based on the latest behavioral science and dog training principles.

Once up and running, they will promote and support dog fostering and adoption-related community organizations. For more information, visit centralbarkcltmatthews.com.

9600 Monroe Rd 

Charlotte, NC 28270 



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