La Croix addicts, rejoice!

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October 12, 2018

There’s something addictive about the bubbles in a chilled, freshly cracked can of seltzer water. But La Croix isn’t the only option. Starting Oct. 24, a local craft — and spiked — version of that elixir of the gods will be available, thanks to NoDa Brewing Company.

According to a press release, the Brizo brand by NoDa will be “the first local craft spiked seltzer in the Charlotte market.”

Expect four flavors: Ginger Lime, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Raspberry Lemon and Lemon Makrut Lime, with 4.85% ABV. The seltzers will be made gluten-reduced, with natural ingredients and fewer calories than other alcoholic drinks.

The name “Brizo” is a nod to the ancient Greek goddess considered to be a protector of sailors.

“It gives us the opportunity to create a fun and interactive storyline surrounding water and our new craft spiked seltzers,” said Suzie Ford, President and Co-Founder of NoDa Brewing Company.

Where can you find the seltzers? On draft, in the NoDa Brewing Company’s taproom (2921 N. Tryon St.). You can choose from a 16-oz. pint glass or a 32-oz. crowler to go.

The brewery is already working on plans to distribute the seltzer on draft elsewhere in Charlotte, and in cans.

“We see this as an obvious next step,” said Todd Ford, Co-Founder of NoDa Brewing Company, in a press release. “At any given time, you’ll find 20 different beer styles in our tap room; we’ve always been dedicated to providing variety to our consumers, and while this may seem like a departure from what we’re known for, this opens up an additional option.”

It’s also perhaps more appealing to the health-conscious consumer. (All forms of water are healthy, right?)

Try Brizo at NoDa Brewing for the first time once it’s released Wednesday, Oct. 24, at 4 p.m.

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