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May 30, 2017

Toska Husted’s life didn’t begin in a place as luxurious as her latest launch, Toska European Spa Boutique in Dilworth. Husted spent her childhood in a war-torn Kosovo before leaving for London to train at the elite Steiner school of beauty. From London, Toska moved to Abu Dhabi for two years before landing in the Carolinas and opening her first spa boutique in Charleston in 2010. Now, Charlotte has the chance to experience Toska’s signature micro-current facials, skin analysis, and techniques. We caught up with the busy aesthetician—who counts celebs like Busy Phillips among her clients—to get the scoop on her summer skincare and favorite facial.

Why choose Charlotte as a location for Toska European Spa?

During the years that we lived in Charleston, I visited Charlotte on many occasions. I fell in love with the city—its tree-lined streets, the skyline, the energy, and the diversity of its people. The success of the spa in Charleston gave me an insight to recognize that there was a void in the Charlotte market for a European spa that is holistic but results driven.

What are some of your favorite treatments, personally?

Our Remodeling Facial because it gives the skin an instant lift and a red-carpet-ready glow.

If someone is new to facials, which of your offerings would you suggest?

It is different for everyone. We start each treatment with a consultation and skin analysis, and during that time we recommend the facial that would be most beneficial to their skin.

What are the biggest skin struggles that you see in Charlotte and the Carolinas?

Adult acne and hyperpigmentation are two of the most common complaints when clients reach out to us. A lot of skin issues can be avoided by respecting the integrity of the skin and starting proper skincare at a young age.

Do you have any favorite skin products for the summer months?

My go-to products for the summer months are Biologique Recherche Serum PIGM400. It corrects dark spots, as well as prevents new ones from forming. Others are Protection UV, our 100 percent mineral sunscreen, and Masque VIP02, used as an overnight masque to soothe, calm, and hydrate the skin.

You have several celebrity clients. Is there an extra sense of responsibility with them, knowing that they have to be picture perfect?

On the contrary, all of our clients are treated with the utmost attention to detail. Whether the client is a tired mom, teacher, or a bride to be, they all deserve to look their best.

Photos courtesy of Toska European Spa Boutique 

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