Patina: Better primary care, a better aging experience

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July 31, 2023


Louise Brooks is nearly 70. She’s brilliant with color and uses it to guide her customers’ decisions regarding window treatments and blinds. At home, she’s often cooking — baked chicken, sweet potatoes, stuffing, and mac and cheese — for her hungry grandchildren. Louise is active and values her time. We see that often at Patina, and Louise is no exception.

Patina is primary care exclusively for adults 65+. We improve care experiences through a dedicated team that stays with patients over time and really understands their values, goals and preferences.

It’s a very personalized approach built around each individual. Every patient’s care team includes a primary care practitioner (PCP) and Patina Health Champion, who coordinates appointments, answers questions, helps with medication refills, and more.

We bring care to you rather than via physical office visits. We do that through video, online chat, mobile app, phone and in-person visits at home, when needed. No more time wasted driving, parking and waiting.

Patina is, as Louise says, “glorious” and stands apart from her previous PCP, who was not really listening to her concerns about possible cardiac issues. Then she found Patina. “They are involved and interested and genuine,” she says. “Their response time is unbelievable.”

By listening to Louise and understanding her concerns, Patina offers ideas about her diet and helps her stay on top of her heart health, for example. She sums it up: “They hear me when I speak. I’ve never been this happy with my healthcare.”

Patina is designed specifically for older adults. We’re welcoming new patients and our services are available at no additional cost through most Medicare Advantage plans in the Charlotte area. Learn more at or call 800.936.8142. We’d love to meet you!

800.936.8142 | | Neil Patel, M.D., Chief Health Officer

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