Made in the shade

The Arts

June 1, 2021

Installation artist Kathryn Godwin of Studio Cultivate brought a big pop of color to The Metropolitan with her latest commission, creating a backdrop for countless selfies over the last few weeks. “Umbrella Alley” was inspired by similar umbrella canopy projects across Europe, Godwin says. 

“[The] installation was a little challenging — rigging cable wire is always a bit of a process. The wind in the area is a whole other factor that we’ve not dealt with on previous projects, but each project we execute is unique and always a new learning experience,” Godwin says. More than 100 umbrellas were installed in early April at the Midtown shopping center and will remain up through June 30. 

“We just love bringing magic and joy to spaces in unexpected ways and have loved seeing the community’s reaction to this one,” says Godwin, who started Studio Cultivate in 2013, creating unique art installations for pop-up events, storefronts, parties and more. “We hope to be able to bring some more delight to Charlotte in the future.”  SP

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