Ode to love: An interior designer’s tribute to family

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July 31, 2023

Designer Praj Hagargi’s bedroom is an homage to her late grandmother.

by Krisha Chachra  |  photographs by Heather Ison

After a decade working in information technology, Prajwal “Praj” Hagargi felt the call to step outside her comfort zone. Decorating and styling rooms has always been a passion of hers, so in 2016 she decided to pursue an online degree at San Francisco-based The Interior Design Institute. After two years, she achieved Council for Interior Design Accreditation. 

A Visual Comfort chandelier hangs over the bed, in a room designed by Praj Hagargi. The style of the light fixture mimics the floral Thibaut wallpaper and petal shapes in the carpet.

For the chandelier, Praj chose a design called Aspra designed by Julie Neill for Visual Comfort. The pattern and glass leaves mimic the clustered flowers in the Thibaut wallpaper and petal shapes in the carpet.

Revira Interiors, previously Contrast Interior Design, is a combination of her daughter’s names, Reeva and Ira. Praj was just getting started on her new path as a business owner and a designer when the pandemic hit. 

“My family gave me the courage to continue,” Praj says. “Since everyone was home in 2020, people started to look at their spaces differently.” She took on small projects and experienced the challenges of supply-chain issues and designing virtually. “I learned a lot during that time,” she says. 

When visiting the homes of her clients, Praj likes to observe the colors, patterns and textures already in place and evaluate what is important to the client. However, in 2023, she decided to work on a project that was important to her. Her grandmother who lived in Karnataka, India, had recently passed and left Praj her antique armoire. “I share a spiritual connection with my grandmother and just wanted to honor her by creating a beautiful space for her armoire,” Praj says. She decided to redesign her own bedroom in her Weddington home and called the project “Ode to Love.”

An intimate connection

Praj started with elements inspired by her grandmother. “In many cultures, the willow tree is a sacred symbol for strength and stability,” she explains. “My grandmother was a nurturing, grounded person and could withstand any challenge. I found the Thibaut Anna French Willow Tree nonwoven wallpaper in sky blue — it was perfect.”

The Adra by Schumacher block-print trim on the draperies is a nod to Praj’s grandmother’s saris. The designer carried the flower motif from the draperies and pillows to the side tables by changing the hardware to a flower knob. The antique armoire, right, was the inspiration for the room design.

After stripping the cream armoire and painting it gray, Praj incorporated a patterned fabric with the same design, pleating it and using a flat sash rod to keep it flush behind the glass. 

She pulled the sky color from the wallpaper and used it throughout the room, applying a textured grass-cloth wallpaper on the remaining walls and painting the borders of the double tray ceiling a soft blue. She used the Adra by Schumacher block print with similar colors for the end trim on the draperies. “It’s a nod to the block print I saw on my grandmother’s saris,” Praj says.

To introduce warm tones, Praj chose an Aster design from Stark Carpet with a velvety feel. The fabric on the rose-colored ottoman is repeated on the striped settee pillows and blue headboard trim. “All these details connect the same space through texture, color or print,” Praj says. “I think my grandmother would be proud of the harmony created in this room.”  SP

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