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November 1, 2021

Develop a green thumb at one of these local plant shops.

by Ebony L. Morman

People are spending more time than ever at home, often leaving more time to explore new hobbies or return to former ones. During the past year and a half, home decorating and improvements have been at the top of to-do lists, leading to a renewed interest in houseplants. Bringing the outdoors inside has many benefits: It’s believed that houseplants not only help improve mental health by reducing stress, but their roots and soil can improve indoor-air quality. When shopping for plants, there are plenty of options besides big-box stores. These local plant shops have all you need to develop — or further explore — your green thumb. 


PlantHouse CEO and founder Bailey Ryan started a premium plant shop called PlantBar in Virginia Beach, Va., with her parents in 2018. Rebranded as PlantHouse, the third location opened in Dilworth last year. At PlantHouse, it’s all about the experience. Because plant shopping can be overwhelming, the team strives not only to make guests feel comfortable but to personalize each visit. PlantHouse collaborates with small growers in central and south Florida, which allows them to regularly source rare plants. 

Prices range from 4-inch plants starting at $10, 6-inch plants from $15, and larger floor plants for $35 to $100. The DIY and evening workshops are all-inclusive: For the terrarium workshop, guests pick a glass that includes plants, rocks, soil and decor, with the average cost about $38. 

Follow PlantHouse on Instagram @planthouseclt. 2452 Park Rd., Unit D,


Co-owner Treena Chaudhuri and her father, Kausik Chaudhuri, opened Twigs & Figs in September with the goal of having a space for guests to socialize, meet new people and learn about plants. The Ballantyne shop specializes in houseplants, with a creative space for build-your-own terrariums. Future plans include classes and workshops for beginners and experienced plant owners, such as yoga and paint-and-sips that will incorporate plants. Community is key for the shop, which plans to donate to local nonprofits that focus on LGBTQ youth. 

Prices range from $3 for a small air plant to $200. Twigs & Figs also sells pots, planters, home decor, books and other items that range from $5 to $200. In-store terrariums start at $35, and tiny terrarium gift boxes cost $25. 

Follow Twigs & Figs on Instagram @twigsandfigs. 15205 John J. Delaney Dr., #B,


Veronica Leon had a passion for plants and always wanted to own her own business. Leon wanted to share the benefits of owning plants with others, so she founded Verde Tribe in February 2019. Verde Tribe partners with other small business owners such as local potters to offer handmade planters. Other services include in-person and virtual consultations, repotting, shipping plants and pop-ups at local markets. Verde Tribe says its specialty is empowering and educating people to start or grow plant collections and develop a green thumb. 

Prices range from $10 to $70 depending on the plant type and size, and whether it comes with a planter. The average cost of a small plant with a planter is $35. 

Follow Verde Tribe on Instagram @verdetribe. Verde Tribe’s micro-retail shops are located at The Market at 7th Street and Charlotte Collective. 


Located in north Charlotte near the Ribbonwalk Nature Preserve, Oakdale Greenhouses has been around since 1980. Current owner and manager Bill Kay purchased the business in January 2007. With 20,000 square feet of heated greenhouses on more than 3 acres, Oakdale specializes in indoor tropical plants, outdoor landscaping plants, koi fish and plant containers. It also provides short-term rental plants for special events, including corporate functions, graduations, parties and more. 

Prices range from $2.95 to $189.95 for indoor tropical plants. Outdoor landscaping trees, shrubs and grasses range from $5.95 to $189.95, depending on pot size. Koi fish cost $15 to $25, and decorative pots are priced from $2.95 to $149.95. 

Follow Oakdale Greenhouses on Instagram @oakdalegreenhousesclt. 5626 Statesville Rd.,  SP

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