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May 1, 2022

Four Story Interiors helps a SouthPark couple balance beauty and practicality for their multigenerational household.

by Catherine Ruth Kelly | photographs by Laura Sumrak

When Stephen Walker’s father expressed an interest in relocating to Charlotte from New Jersey to be closer to family, Walker and his wife, Anastaysia, embraced the idea and invited him to move in with them. The Walkers had been in their cozy Sedgefield home for only four years, but with two young daughters and Walker’s dad committed to the move, their quest for a larger house began.

“We were originally focused on turnkey options to avoid the stress of building,” Stephen says, “but Anastaysia and our Realtor found a lot in SouthPark that checked off too many boxes to ignore, so we decided go for it.”

The framing of the house had been completed when the Walkers approached Jess Ebert with Four Story Interiors to tackle the interior design.

“The house was truly a clean slate when they brought me on board,” Ebert shares. “We discussed how they wanted to live in the space and started working on vision boards, focusing on a fresh, modern vibe that’s beautiful yet livable for a family with young children.”

The central hub of the home is the family room, which shares an open floor plan with the dining room and kitchen. Creamy white walls offer a light, airy ambiance and provide a neutral backdrop for the eclectic mix of art, furniture and accessories. Maintaining a serene color palette of cream, charcoal and chocolate, Ebert incorporated a variety of textures such as velvet, leather, wood and brass to add depth and style. Performance fabrics and functional pieces kept it family-friendly.

“The fluted design of the wooden console brings an architectural element to the space and also offers hidden storage for their girls’ toys and games,” Ebert says. “It’s a great piece because it combines beauty and functionality.”

The Walkers commissioned a painting by Raleigh artist Jen Matthews to hang above the family room console. The canvas infuses bold colors into the otherwise neutral family room, connecting it to the palette of the adjacent entry hall and foyer. 

Vibrant teal walls in the front hall and abstract green-and-white wallpaper in the foyer create a bright, jewel-toned entry to the Walkers’ home. A black-and-white painting by local artist Lauren Reddick welcomes guests, and a sleek leather bench by Regina Andrew offers a spot for dropping purses or jackets.

“That bench has turned out to be one of our favorites pieces,” Stephen says. “The kids like to color there, and it’s created an unexpected gathering space in the front hallway.”

Across from the bench, French doors mark the entrance to Stephen’s office, painted a dramatic, dark gray. Ebert worked with Stephen to create a warm, masculine space, a stark contrast to the lighter decor in the surrounding rooms. An atmospheric gray-and-white wallpaper covers the ceiling, and a hand-knotted wool rug featuring rich hues of terra cotta, green and black grounds the space.

“You have to determine who is going to be the star of the show and who is going to be the supporting player,” Ebert explains. “For this room, the wallpaper and rug are the stars, and we brought in other pieces to support.”

The Walker family fully enjoys their new home, which is now a chic, comfortable space for their multigenerational household. 

“The process was a labor of love,” Stephen says, “but we are so happy being in a home that reflects our personal style without sacrificing the practicality required for a growing family.”  SP

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