Family First: Landon & Kat Eckles, Clean Juice

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July 11, 2022

The Eckles Family, Clean Juice
Photo: Robert Kisiah

In their quest to be the world’s most plentiful juice and food bar, Clean Juice founders Landon & Kat Eckles have an award-winning business model that’s led to more than 200 stores in 32 states in under seven years. But the record-setting numbers don’t matter nearly as much as the people behind them.

For the Eckles, it’s finding franchise partners for the nation’s first and only national USDA-certified organic juice bar franchise that share an interest in the organic lifestyle, have a passion for people and a commitment to lead with kindness. The Clean Juice mission statement – a Bible verse wishing good health in body and strength in spirit (3 John 1:2) – is found on every bottle of their cold-pressed juices and in many other packaging elements. “We lead with love, and we hope our guests and franchise partners feel like family,” Kat says.

That big family started with the Eckles opening a store in Huntersville in 2015, tapping into Landon’s entrepreneurial drive and Kat’s passion for healthy, organic living. In addition to organic juices, Clean Juice offers smoothies, acai bowls, wraps, salads, soups and more. The goal is to bring Clean Juice to every community, giving people truly delicious, fresh, organic food on-the-go.

The Eckles personally meet every Clean Juice franchise partner and provide an expert home office support staff to ensure franchisees’ success. They are equally as passionate about their Quarters for Kids program, which helps better the lives of children in need across the country.

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