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January 26, 2023

This month, Pinehurst Resort welcomes guests back to the newly renovated Magnolia Inn. The Magnolia is the second-oldest hotel in the Village of Pinehurst behind only The Holly Inn, which greeted Pinehurst’s very first guests on New Year’s Eve in 1895, just one year before The Magnolia first opened its doors.

Pinehurst acquired one of the Village of Pinehurst’s most iconic hotels — which also houses Villaggio Ristorante & Bar — in 2021, and shortly after, began to update the hotel’s guest rooms. The inn, which previously hosted 10 rooms, now more comfortably houses eight refreshed spaces, perfectly blending modern elegance with The Magnolia’s signature historic charm.

Guests staying at The Magnolia will be able to enjoy all the resort’s amenities, conveniently located in the heart of the Village. The inn is the perfect choice for small spa-going groups, couples’ getaways or those seeking a quiet and intimate retreat.

Villaggio Ristorante & Bar, praised for its fine dining experience and traditional Italian cuisine, is one of the area’s most popular restaurants for locals and visitors alike. Along with freshly created Italian dishes and regional specialties, pasta and bread are house-made daily.

Pinehurst’s enhancements ensure The Magnolia maintains its rightful place as a landmark in the Village not only for its history, but for its future as well. Plan your perfect stay at Pinehurst here.

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