Dynamic Women of Charlotte

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May 9, 2022

SouthPark introduces you to a group of energetic, innovative women, all making a mark on our community in signficant ways. Discover the driving force behind behind their businesses, the talents they possess and the inspiration that pushes them to be their best.

Top row, left to right: Jackie Paynter, Heather Mackey, Jenny Crane McHugh. Middle row: Nilou Henderson, Maria Siragusa, Michelle Renée. Bottom row: Vicky Mitchener, Alyssa Wilen, Chris Black, Judy Miller.

Jackie Paynter, Drybar

Heather Mackey, Mackey Realty

Jenny Crane McHugh, Campbell + Charlotte

Nilou Henderson, Henderson Ventures I Ziba Luxury Salon & Spa I Stage of Designs

Maria Siragusa, Chez Marie

Michelle Renée, Bellezza Boutique

Vicky Mitchener, Dickens Mitchener

Alyssa Wilen, Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen

Chris Black, Cottingham Chalk

Judy Miller, JK Miller Designs

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