Dynamic Women: Judy Miller, JK Miller Designs

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May 5, 2022

Judy Miller
Photo by Gina Kang

Judy Miller views interior design much like solving a puzzle, pulling pieces together that are cohesive and inviting, yet sophisticated and beautiful. However, for her, interior design is about something more, it’s about community.

It’s the relationships she cultivates with clients, sharing her skills and passion to refresh and elevate their spaces in ways that uplift them. And it’s in the collective, detailed efforts of those in the industry that she relies on – from manufacturers to seamstresses – who help bring designs to fruition in countless, unsung ways.

“We are building a community, and it can be built in different ways,” Miller says. “For me, design is a way I can use my talents to give back. I believe everyone – no matter the budget – deserves to live in a beautiful space.”

Miller’s ability to see beyond the walls and create spaces that work for people in today’s times is the foundation of her design process. She focuses on a client-centered experience, relying on her thoughtful, creative and collaborative approach with clients. With a commitment to beauty and integrity, she is mindful of clients’ budgets and goals. Building on what a client already owns, she often repurposes or rearranges pieces, or adds elements that bring new life to a space.

Miller recognizes the design process can be overwhelming, especially with the multitude of online options and the pandemic’s push for people to create balance and harmony in their homes. She strives for clients to enjoy the process, not simply the end result. Empowering them with sensible choices, she is
committed to making a home functional and stylish, as well as a reflection of the person who lives in it.

“My job never feels like work,” Miller says. “Each home is as unique and special as the people who reside there.” Her goal is to continue building community one home at a time.

JK Miller Designs

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