Dynamic Women: Jenny Crane McHugh, Campbell + Charlotte

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May 5, 2022

Life isn’t always rainbows and stars. But when Jenny Crane McHugh dreamt of her Juju collection, that’s where she started.

“The jewelry is literally childhood doodles translated into pieces we want to wear today,” she says. “It’s remembering the things that made us happy.” Linking happiness and fine jewelry is essential to McHugh, who launched Campbell + Charlotte three years ago. She designs the jewelry, with each piece
handmade in New York City.

“Jewelry is serious because it’s an investment, but it should also make you giddy every time you put it on,” McHugh says. After pursuing a promising corporate career, the birth of her daughter pointed McHugh in a new direction. Feeling unfulfilled, she left her job, determined to prove success can come from pursuing your dreams. Campbell + Charlotte is a nod to daughter Campbell and her love for the city McHugh has grown to call home.

She describes her newest collection, The Edge, as an exploration into resiliency and empathy. The whimsical, imaginative pieces – all created during the pandemic – offer an escape from a stressful time. Each of McHugh’s lines showcase her love of color and gemstones.

She also designs custom jewelry, ranging from new pieces and engagement/wedding bands to heirloom pieces reimagined. “I call it treasure hunting in your jewelry box,” she says. “Being able to play a role in those special occasions or bringing a piece back to life brings me so much joy.”

McHugh’s jewelry reflects her experiences and emotions as a mother and her hope to inspire Campbell. She translates those into design elements she can build upon. “I always lead with that,” she adds. “I hope over the years Campbell can see what I built and is proud of me.”

Campbell + Charlotte

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