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April 30, 2021

by Whitley Adkins • photographs by Amy Kolo

Charlotte dentist Davis Ligon studied at the University of Virginia and got his doctor of dental surgery degree at the Medical College of Virginia before a post-doctoral residency at UNC Chapel Hill brought him to the Old North State. After almost moving to New York City, the Virginia native heeded the call back south and planted his roots in Charlotte.

Ligon offered SouthPark a peek inside the recently remodeled closet in his 1928 Eastover home. Visual arts, design, music and architecture all influence his personal style, Ligon says.

“Since the pandemic, with fashion in general, I have found myself wanting to buy less overall,” Ligon says. “More than ever, I want to support companies who are developing sustainable items. I am not a trendy shopper. My style of shopping endorses buying what you like, knowing you are going to keep the item for a long time.” 

Comments have been edited for length and clarity.

You have one of the most stylish homes in the city, certainly for a bachelor. How do you have such great taste?  

I would say my love of travel is the most inspiring thing for me — architecturally, stylistically, what have you. I’m a very visual person, and I’ve always had an innate desire for things around me to be beautiful and pleasing. 

How do you describe your personal style?  

Nostalgically American. I might also say East Coast prep with a West Coast attitude.

Do you have any style icons?  

JFK Jr. all the way. He could pull off casual street wear just as easily as a Ralph Lauren tuxedo. Even though he could, he never really seemed to dress to impress. He had the most effortless, classic style. He never took himself too seriously, but he always looked sharp as a tack. A more current style icon would be Ryan Gosling. He has so much style — he is dapper as f**k.  

Do you have a ‘look’?  

I don’t think I have a look necessarily. I love the outdoors, so a lot of my clothing sort of goes in that direction. I have a ton of Patagonia in my closet, and people like to make fun of me for wearing my plaids and flannels, but it fits my lifestyle and my draw to the great outdoors. When the occasion presents itself, I feel equally at home wearing black tie to a gala.

Where do you like to shop?

In Charlotte, I think Tabor rivals any men’s shop between New York and L.A. For a custom suit or jacket, David Watkins at Abbeydale. I have a beautiful plaid blazer that he custom made for me, with my monogram hidden under the lapel. Outside of Charlotte, Billy Reid and What Goes Around Comes Around in New York City. I have a great pair of well-worn vintage cowboy boots I got there that fit me perfectly.

Do you have any packing travel tips?

I typically pack the basics that will work well together and don’t overthink it too much.  When you look in your suitcase when you’re away and don’t see anything you like, that’s always a good excuse to go check out the local stores!

Tell me about your closet.

I had the closet redesigned, along with a bathroom remodel, a few years ago. I called California Closets, and [design consultant] Whitney Hahn was great. She knew I had my own ideas of what I wanted, and she executed them brilliantly. We wanted to respect the architectural integrity of the house while incorporating modern, clean lines. 

How did you personalize the space?

There was a Cole & Son Delano wallpaper with the geometric print that I always liked. I wanted to find a space for it in my house and decided it was right for the closet. I tried to curate items that were personal to me, including Avett Brothers and Coachella concert posters. I called [local artist] Stephen Wilson about a Grateful Dead Steal Your Face piece he has made in the past. He made one for me specifically for the space. A family friend painted the picture of Teddy (Ligon’s Australian labradoodle) for me, and I hung it in there because that’s where he sleeps. Last but not least, there is a photograph of my nephew that his girlfriend took of him on the streets of New York. I trimmed out the room myself in a chartreuse velvet ribbon accessorized with antique bronze nailheads. I’d seen that done before, and I thought it reminded me of a men’s haberdashery shop.  SP

Courtney Kovacs of Coko Concierge assisted with closet organization.


Boots or sneakers? I like Chelsea boots with a suit, or a short boot over a loafer most of the time. As for the sneakers, I lead an active lifestyle — so I guess both. Then again, scratch all of that. Hiking boots. 

Sunglasses or hat? Definitely both. Definitely, always, both.

Jacket or vest? Jacket

Pants or jeans? I like pants that fit like jeans but are not necessarily denim. I like the color variety of a utility pant that can be dressed up or down.

Go-to brands: Billy Reid, Faherty, Bonobos and Saturdays NYC. J.Crew has been a wardrobe staple since I was in high school. 

Shoe designers: I like my Golden Goose. I’ve always been a Ferragamo fan, and I recently bought a pair of Hermes loafers on a trip to Miami. 

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